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关于 "LED灯"
LED灯或发光二极管照明灯(LED lamp)是指利用发光二极管作为光源的技术的照明灯,发光二极管大致可分为半导体发光二极管及有机发光半导体(OLED)两种主要类别。目前用在照明上的主要是半导体发光二极管,但使用高分子发光二极管(OLED的一种),作为照明光源的研究,也正在进行中。由于二极管是使用直流电(DC)驱动,所以LED灯泡内通常设有电路,以将交流电(AC)转为直流电,以供电给泡内的LED灯用。此外,高温会损坏LED灯,故LED灯一般会配以散热片等散热配件。LED灯泡寿命长、能源效益高,主要缺点在于初期的建置成本比荧光灯管等传统照明光源高。
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Down light

LED灯: LED Down Lights
Liquidleds Lighting Corp (Taipei City, Taiwan)
Liquidleds Lighting focuses on manufacturing of LED light bulbs and LED lighting systems. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Taiwan, Liquidleds is well recognized for its unique and innovative solution in the field of high power LED lights.
本制造商提供: LED Filament Lamp, Incadecent light bulbs, Down light.

Down Light AR111 TH-AR111CW-6X1-7W38A

LED灯: LED Wall Washer Light
Team House Limited (Hsin-Tien City, Taiwan)
With professional technology and excellent Research and development team , Team House has kept its leading position in LED kits, LED manufacturing. Team House not only make every effort to LED manufacturing, but also extend its business into LED lighting application products and special biotech components which has passed the certification of “CE”, UL”, passed the“ S G S” and compliant with RoHS”. Team House now offers LED Lighting products including LED Spot Lights, LED Track Lights, LED Down Lights, LED Light Tubes.
本制造商提供: LED Light Tubes, LED Track Lights, LED Spotlights.

LED Stripe ES0601

LED灯: LED Light Stripes
Ecomaa manufactures 10w and 13w LED Lamps; MR16 LED Lights; 20 degress, 30 degress, 60 degress LED PAR Lamps; AR111 led lights; LED Ceiling lights; LED Light Stripes; LED Light Tubes etc. Ecomaa Lighting embraces the beliefs to respect and protect the land, and strives to design and develop environmental friendly lighting products which will ensure our future generations with a cleaner and eco-friendly environment. All of Ecomaa LED Lights products are With TUV, UL , FCC , CE , ROHS certification, ECO-Friendly. CO2 reduction.
本制造商提供: LED Lamps, MR16 LED Lights, LED Light Stripes.

Floor lamp

LED灯: LED Floor Lamps
Virginia Optoelectronics Inc. (Blacksburg, U.S.A.)
With the world-class LED manufacturing facility since 1969 (25 million products daily, ISO14001/ISO9001/TS16949 certified, RoHS compliant, White LED licensed), VaOpto offers: LED, LED Lights assembly, LED lighting engine, LED lighting, and camera module by USA quality and effective price.
本制造商提供: LED Strip, LED Lamp, LED Reading Light.

Light sources

LED灯: Light sources
Astera LED Technology GmbH (Kleinich, Germany)
Astera is the leading manufacturer of wireless LED fixtures and LED Light Controllers for event-lighting and architectural lighting. Astera’s young and dynamic R&D team is specialized in developing embedded LED Light Control Systems and advanced LED Lamps. Astera pulls together the competences for helping customers to find the optimal LED Lighting solutions for their specific needs. The company is co-working with experienced and reliable companies in the LED business which are involved in the latest technologies world-wide. Astera is providing its customers with LED Lighting Controllers for various interfaces like DMX-512, wireless radio-control and Ethernet.
本制造商提供: Wireless LED Controllers, Wireless LED Lamps, LED Light sources.

LED Bulbs-2W LEDW01

LED灯: LED Bulbs-2W
Top Want Electronic Co. provides wide varity of LED Lighting products, which includes LED ball lamps, LED Lighting Bulbs, LED Spot Lights, LED Light tubes, T5 metal tube(With radiator) LED Lights, LED Down Lights. Top Want Electronic Co has installed quailty examination and inspection equipment, LED Fluorescent Tube Aging equipment to secure its high quality LED Lights product to meet customer demands.
本制造商提供: LED Light Bulbs, LED Light Tubes, LED Spot Lights.
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